HP series solenoid pinch valve

The pinch valve is driven by the electromagnetic force generated when the coil is energized and de-energized, and the opening and closing are controlled by squeezing or loosening the hose. The coil is energized to generate electromagnetic force to drive the piston, and the valve opens. The coil is powered off, the electromagnetic force is released, the spring is reset, and the valve is closed.

Suitable for chemical, medical, environmental protection industries, mainly used in water quality, urine, biochemical, blood cell analysis and waste liquid discharge.

Medical instruments: such as IVD (in vitro diagnosis industry) hemocytometer, fecal detection instrument, urine detector, electrolyte, chemiluminescence, sedimentation slide dyeing machine, plate washing machine, hybrid Instrument.

Environmental protection industry: quality control instruments, water quality samplers etc. contain strong acids and bases, strong organic solvents and high-precision quantification.

Laboratory equipment: such as extraction, fluorescence analysis, flow analysis, used in special liquid paths such as pipe fittings as single use or containing particle crystals, etc.

2.1 Connection method: The pinch valve power line can be directly connected to other equipment, or it can be connected with a terminal block. Hose connection: The hose is pressed down into the slot of the pinch valve, and the hose is equipped with a connector to connect with other equipment.

2.2 Hose characteristics: The hose material is standard platinum vulcanized silicone tube or synthetic rubber tube (Pharmed BPT).
The inner and outer surfaces of the silicone rubber tube are very smooth, strong and durable, and can transport oily or organic solvents with a service life of 500,000 times;
Synthetic rubber tube (Pharmed BPT) can transport acid and alkali solutions with a service life of about 800,000 times;


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