HG series isolation/diaphragm valve

HG series isolation/diaphragm valve

1.Strong points of our isolation valve:
a.Add self-tapping screws at the bottom of the valve to install on the panel, and our valve diaphragm is sealed by a complete PTFE diaphragm.
b. Our valve seats and diaphragms are all made of PTFE / PFA,with better very low adsorption, very low leachables and chemical stability.


Environmental protection industry: laboratory use and online monitoring.In the lab, involving 98% concentrated sulfuric acid and some strong redox agents, and relatively high purity of water samples and reagents. Surface water online monitoring.

Laboratory industry: GC (gas chromatography) instrument.

Mainly used in instruments required strong corrosion,low dissolution ect.


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Our company supply electromagnetic pinch valves, electromagnetic isolation valves, rotary distribution valves and various pipe connection systems and accessories, apply to vitro diagnostics, medical testing and treatment, analytical chemistry, environmental monitoring, liquid phase analysis, biological engineering, food safety and industrial automation ect.

The highlights of our valves are as follows:

1. Wire out from the top of the valve body, avoiding the side wire being easily damaged when install the mounting ring.

2. It can completely replace the valve body of other brands at home.

3. Our valve fittings have a longer service life.

4. Our price is quite competitive. Our company provides strong technical support and after-sales service.