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About Us

Shanghai Yunnuo Industrial Co., Ltd. is located Shanghai,China.Our team at yunnuo has the experience to assist you in producing the required items made of hard metal and technical ceramic that will fulfill your most stringent requirements. Our main products as below:

Tungsten carbide (WC) products: Wolfram Carbide molds, balls, rods, strips, plates; cutters, drills, boring tools, etc.; we can also customize according to customers’ requirements and drawings. These items are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, geology, coal, petroleum, chemical and so on.

Industrial ceramic products: (al2o3)alumina ceramics,(Zro2) zirconia ceramics, (Mgo)magnesium oxide ceramics, (SiC)silicon carbide ceramics,steatite ceramic, mullite ceramic, cordierite, boron nitride, machinable ceramics, mica and other custom-made ceramics, etc. These are widely used in factories, research institutes, and other enterprises and institutions.

Our company’s business philosophy: integrity, efficiency, innovation, transcendence, and win-win. Our company is to focus on the needs of customers, all for the sake of customers, in the principle of good faith, we provide professional, efficient, high-quality services, constantly innovate in technology and products, surpass ourselves, strive for excellence, and achieve a win-win situation.