Cemented Carbide Strips

Our company can supply tungsten carbide (tungsten steel)plate, blank round bar,grinding rod,strip,polished sheet.

Carbide sheet or strip has high wear resistance and high hardness, all products pass non-destructive ultrasonic flaw detection, no blisters, no porosity, high material density, high resistance to impact, long life.
1. Raw material, better performance.
2. The surface of the tungsten steel strip is flat and can be polished.
3. YG8 YG9 YG15 YG6X YG11C YW1 YW2 YG20 and other grades are optional
4. Suitable for making cast iron rolls and high nickel chrome roll dressing knives.
5. Suitable for the production of discharge plates, stamping dies, punches, electronic progressive die and other stamping dies.


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We provides strips, guide rails, form liners, pressure plates, grooved bushes, and wear-protection components and the like for a multitude of applications.