Opaque / Translucent / Transparent Fused Silica Crucible Quartz for Lab

Yunnuo high-purity quartz products have excellent properties of high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and thermal shock resistance. Ideal products for laboratories in the fields of chemicals, medicine, biology, and industrial metallurgy and calcination.

The quartz product is finished by the method of ceramic casting, and is made into a uniform product by the method of ceramic molding and powder metallurgy, with smooth surface and no pores. The product can be polished according to customers’ requirements to further improve the surface finish and make the surface of the product jade-like luster.
*Purity: >99.9%SiO2
*Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE): 0.54×10-6/℃ (average value from 0 to 1000℃)
*Temperature limit: depends on the use conditions and working temperature. Under normal conditions, it can be used for a long time at 1050°C. The product can be used normally at 1350℃ but the life span is reduced. If it is kept at no less than 300℃ during use,it can be used for a long time at a temperature of 1350℃ or higher
*High density:2.19g/cm3, high temperature strength, will not shrink again when used at high temperature, convenient and safe to use;
*Translucent, the microstructure of the product has a very uniform layer of ultra-fine bubbles, with the performance of heat
preservation and heating uniformly;
*Thermal stability, heating at 1100°C for 15 minutes, and then throwing into cold water, cycling rapid heating and cooling> 10 times without damage;
*The inner and outer surfaces are flame-polished, bright, and the pores are closed (the porosity is very low <1%), which does not stick to the material during use; *Good chemical stability, and does not react with most acids, metals, metal oxides, and chemical gases;


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