Nanometer Beads far Infrared Bacteria House/Ball Aquarium Stone Fish Tank Filter Material

The special microporous structure provides a wider range of attached parasitic areas for digesting bacteria, more effective purification of water quality, and an excellent balance of ecology in the aquarium. A selection of natural materials, rich in minerals and trace elements, to promote physical health of the fish.
The addition of the far-infrared ray, which emits strong far-infrared rays, increases the ability to transport oxygen molecules and increases the oxygen content in the water.

Biological effects of far infrared rays
Because far-infrared rays have unique physical properties, they are absorbed by the skin after being applied to the organism, which will produce a series of biological effects:
1. The warming effect of far infrared;
2. Resonance effect, activation of water molecules;
3. Activate macromolecules, lower blood fat, and lower cholesterol;
4. Improve microcirculation function and enhance metabolism.


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Promote fish metabolism and excrete harmful substances in the body. Effectively increase the amount of oxygen dissolved in the water. Remove harmful heavy metal elements in the water. Provide a large habitat for beneficial digestive bacteria. After 1800 degrees high temperature burning treatment. Reactivate the water. It is a better filter material