Infrared honeycomb ceramic burner plate

Infrared honeycomb ceramic plates are mainly used in gas-fired infrared burners, infrared gas stoves, infrared heaters, gas water heaters, ect. Infrared honeycomb ceramic plates mainly include infrared corrugated honeycomb ceramic plates and infrared planar honeycomb ceramic plates. The infrared corrugated surface type ceramic ceramic plate can improve the specific surface area and the combustion working area by improving the surface of the ceramic ceramic plate from a simple planar shape into a corrugated interlaced three-dimensional type, thereby achieving better heat storage and combustion support, and achieving a more complete operation. Burning without flame seedlings, achieving infrared combustion heating effect, thus achieving low energy consumption and high environmental protection requirements.


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Infrared catalytic burner is a porous ceramic honeycomb panels attached to the catalyst as a burning stove, made ​​use of advanced science and technology design