High quality infrared honeycomb ceramic plate for burner

Product introduction:

Infrared ceramic plates are mainly made of special cordierite materials. Due to the special design of the surface patterns of the ceramic sheets, it is more energy-efficient and effective in the use of gas cookers and heaters.


The infrared burner uses honeycomb ceramic plates as the burner head, which is completely premixed with air during combustion to ensure complete combustion, thereby reducing pollutant emissions; during combustion, about 70% of the energy is transferred into infrared rays through radiation. This infrared wave (2-4μm) is most easily absorbed by material molecules and polymers, and has a strong penetrating power, which can stimulate water molecules to resonate, and can evenly penetrate the heat into the core of the heated object to ensure uniform heating effect. It has been widely used in industrial baking paint, ceramics, food, printing and dyeing, etc. various industries and fields.

Used in grills, gas water heaters, hot stoves, rotary ovens, portable snack carts, cassette stoves, gas heaters, outdoor heaters,drying equipment, etc. Because of the special pattern of the ceramic plate, it is working The oven and heater are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


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