Classic Conical Recrystallised 99.8% Alumina Crucible

Burning color powder, phosphor, rare earth material, precious metal material, roasting high, medium and low ceramic capacitor NTC, PTC piezoelectric ceramic and lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide powder preferred roasting container


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Alumina Ceramic Labware is a high-grade ceramic material that is ideal for laboratory applications. It is well balanced and physically stable. In addition, this fine ceramic offers exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance, high hardness, strength, and durability, superb wear resistance and high resistance to alkalies and other fluxes.Our standard alumina ceramic labware products include: alumina cylinder crucibles, canfield crucible sets, alumina combustion boats, alumina rectangular trays, alumina round trays, ceramic alumina plates, alumina flat bottom crucible conicale, alumina high form crucibles, alumina square crucibles and alumina round disc. Our other alumina products include items such as: alumina tubes, alumina washers, alumina solid rods and more. We also take custom requests!