Oven Alumina Al2o3 Ceramic Ignition Electrode Rod for Burner

We produce various ignition electrodes, ignition rods, ignition needles, spark plugs, water level electrodes.

Application: Ignition pin for household stove, Hotel commercial ignition stick, Burner ignition stick, Burner ignition stick,
Water heater ignition pin, Gas stove ignition pin, Boiler and water heater water level electrode, Various industrial burners and spark plugs.

Product name: Industrial furnace, gas burner, tunnel furnace special ignition pin

Installation thread teeth: M14 * 1.25

Electrode wire material:Ni80Cr20,cr27al7mo2,0Cr25Al5,withstand 1200-1350C. We also have A1, high temperature resistant electric heating wire.

Electrode wire diameter: 3mm,3.5mm,4mm.

We can customize according to requirement.


A:The ignition is sensitive. The ignition head adopts a plum blossom shape, which can generate multiple points of sparks from the surrounding area, which enhances the ignition ability. The successful one-time ignition will not cause a flameout phenomenon, and the service life is long. The electrode wire can be used at a high temperature of about 1300 degrees. Under normal use, no carbon deposition or high-temperature oxidation will occur, thereby increasing the service life of the product. According to the different needs of customers, the electrode wire can be equipped with: ocr25al5 material, the temperature resistance limit is about 1200 degrees, the use of cr27al7mo2 material will increase the product's life more than 10 times, the temperature resistance limit is about 1350 degrees.Customers can choose materials according to demand.

B:The ceramic body is made of 95% alumina high temperature resistant ceramic with a breakdown voltage of 20KV / DC. The ceramic surface is coated with a high temperature glaze. The appearance is exquisite and elegant, and the body is translucent and shiny.
The maximum operating temperature is about 1500 degrees.

C:The plug connector is made of brass, which has the characteristics of sensitive signal transmission and strong thermal

D:The assembly and connection method adopts screw-type connection, which has the characteristics of convenient disassembly and assembly, and is firm and reliable.


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